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Revolutionizing Squad-Level Operations: S2RC's Insightful Contribution at AHFE 2023

At Stone Solutions and Research Collective (S2RC), we are committed to fostering an environment that promotes continuous learning and advancement. Our pursuit of creating cutting-edge solutions led us to share our latest research at the prestigious 2023 AHFE International Conference on Human Factors in Design, Engineering, and Computing (AHFE 2023 Hawaii Edition).

Our joint research paper, titled "Small UXS-Squad Teaming: Military Operational Use Cases," showcases our contribution to this pivotal conference. The paper, co-authored by Michael Jenkins (Knowmadics), Caroline Kingsley (Overmatch), Richard Stone (S2RC), and Sean Kelly (Knowmadics), investigates the escalating deployment of small unmanned systems, popularly known as drones, at squad or small unit level in military operations.

Our research, which emphasizes the use of commercial and bespoke drones like those employed in the Ukraine conflict, unveils the vast potential and capabilities these cost-effective platforms offer, particularly for Special Operations Forces (SOF). We have compiled invaluable feedback from representative military end-users to offer a comprehensive summary of operational use cases for commercially available small unmanned systems.

The goal? To furnish designers and developers of unmanned systems, payloads, autonomy, and associated capabilities with an operationally grounded set of use cases. This aims to help better inform their initiatives from the perspective of users who depend on these technologies - a population traditionally challenging to access.

Our contribution to AHFE 2023 is a testament to our commitment to driving innovation, enhancing industry knowledge, and pushing the boundaries of technological possibilities. At S2RC, we are proud to share and combine our knowledge and expertise with our esteemed partners, collectively shaping the future of squad-level operations and beyond.

Keen to learn more about our work at S2RC? We invite you to explore how our vast expertise could be an asset to your organization. Reach out to our Founder, Rick Stone, at, or contact the S2RC team directly at

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